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This is the best battery and system app Style ios 8 in ios 7 BEST


Tells me nothing I cant find out just by looking at my home screen. Battery usage is a percentage, the system portion crashes the app, the check for Internet takes a full minute to complete, even though my Internet button is lit on homescreen. Your apple device already does more without this bogus application.



Very informative.

Works really well and easy to use.

Not worth 2$.

Not worth 2$.

Not anti virus protection...

I was looking for antivirus for my iPhone and these people sold me a fraud: no anti virus protection, no protection at all , diagnostic is boring and already accessible by normal means... Give me my money back!! :(

Needs more

We would like to see anti-virus, a vpn and a way for us to save some data. I will keep using this app when there is a change.


This is a good app it is very helpful PLZ DO NOT REMOVE FROME THE APP STORE,KEEP IT UP

Useful but... Not convincing

Interesting app for monitoring your memory usage, RAM included. I just found out I only have 256 MB of RAM on this device. The "traffic" tab is also useful for users who dont have a "flat" plan for accessing the Web. The interface looks fine on an iPod 4; no clue what was wrong with other users. The "battery" tab could be improved, like by adding the estimated time for a full charge, and the battery usage for gaming. Still nothing serious, it just makes an estimate of the actual battery usage. I dont trust much the "scan for errors" and "backup" features though. One star less mainly cause of the ads: they slowly increase your traffic, as well as the battery usage. [edit to add] Actually, the menu bar on the bottom looks "pixelled" on a Retina display, but thats just it. Would be nice to implement also a CPU usage feature in a next release. [edit to add] This app says my CPU is clocked at 800 MHz, another one instead reports 1 GHz. Whos right? Plus, the RAM usage graph puzzles me quite a bit: with just this app open, the used RAM always rises, until it hogs the 98% or so of the total physical RAM available.

Still crash

App still crash after upgraded iPhone to iOS 9.2.1, and still after the last upgrade

Dont use this app

I downloaded this app & while I was in the app I received a pop up message that my phone had a virus. It also gave a phone number to call to fix the problem. I called the number & the person who answered claimed to be Apple tech support but it wasnt true.


I downloaded this app n just in few hours it doesnt want to open anymore.. What waste a crap

I would give 5

Im just now trying it but so for so good

Doesnt really do anything

Not sure of the purpose other than alerting you when you reach certain thresholds.


Just like 360 Security few hours after installing this app onto my phone. It started to mess up the functions of my phone especially when I went to click on things?! So it was a IMMEDIATE DELETION!

Good so far

I feel more safe with this app

Pretty good

This app is awesome, but whenever I tap on system the app crashes


Im loving all of the information it gives.


Works excellent on my iPod touch. I also use it on my iPad, but on my iPad, when I tap system, the app crashes. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app. Wouldnt work. I reset my . Doesnt work. Hopefully there is an update in the future to address this.  P.S. Maybe you guys (developer) should make this a universal app. Its great!

Real Funny Guys

Just updated the new update and guess what the developers forgot to mention with the update in the details post......are you ready ? ? ? Here we go.... ADS yep good old ADS Now this app is jam packed with commercials on the home page!!! Yippeeeee. Cant wait to see what ad pops up next time I go into this app. Guess the developers couldnt do an update without adding those little buggers in there. Oh well was a good app but now I must be deleting it as I can no longer stand looking at ads on any app! Heres my ad guys....™ Now isnt that cool to look at?

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